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Ted Lody, a Professional graphic designer and illustrator for over 20 years…

Ted Lody has Worked professionally as a graphic designer and illustrator for more that 20 years. I’ve created hundreds of project design and art projects including: Posters, Flyers, Brochures, Banners, Signage, Album Covers, Cartography, 3D Illustration, Book Cover Art, Photo Editing/Touch Up, and more.

With Lody Art, I wanted to create a separate brand for my Artwork. You may already be familiar with my already established brand: Lody Graphics. The Lody Art brand allows me to focus on an even more creative aspect of my skill set. I’m constantly developing new techniques and increasing my knowledge base, to perfect the creative process.

Over the last few years I have published several comics under Lody Art Comics:


Vamp Nation from Outer Space #1

Horror • Science Fiction

"Vampires have walked among us, dancing on the edge of darkness for millennia. Their ancient society, obscured by shadow, constantly manipulating the fate of mortals to advance their own agenda. For millennia Vampire Hunters have kept the balance between darkness and light, locked in an eternal struggle against denizens of shadow, who prey on the mortal world."

"My name is Hunter Lee, I am A Vampire Hunter. A Shadow Dancer with death, taking back the night from the beast, who would consume us all..."

This Graphic Novel is dedicated to the memory of Bellen Lee


Chronicles Of Mary Jane Post Apocalyptic Bounty Hunter #1

Post Apocalyptic • Science Fiction

Mary Jane the Bounty Hunter and her Psionic side-kick Siobhan Harlan are tracking an evasive bounty by the name of Hendricks. Siobhan using her Psionic power to narrow down Hendricks’ location at the Freehold of Folly; along the old Chicago Skyway, near the Illinois/Indiana border. After gaining entry to the Freehold of Folly, Mary Jane and Siobhan soon discover the settlement is controlled by a vicious clown raider road crew, who have a stranglehold on the trade routes in the area. After an exhaustive search and shaking-down the locales, Mary Jane finally locates Hendricks’ hideout but finds more than they bargained for.


Chronicles Of Mary Jane Post Apocalyptic Bounty Hunter #2

Post Apocalyptic • Science Fiction

Mary Jane the Bounty Hunter wanders the Post Apocalyptic Wasteland seeking Justice, Vengeance, and Retribution. She was born into a world that was re-forged by atomic fire. No one remembers how or why judgment day started, only the remnants of earth’s lost civilizations can be found in its scorched ruins. In the decades that followed, mankind slowly began to rebuild and repopulated through an unforgiving wasteland, craving new civilizations upon the ruins of the old world. With civilization, came the rule of law, and those who enforce the law. There will always be those who operate outside the law, and those who believe they are above the law; these are who Mary Jane brings to justice. “And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and her name that sat on her was Death, and Hell followed with her…”


Jack WhoAmI #1

Science Fiction • Espionage • Thiller

Jack WhoAmI, a traveler of both space and time, wanderer of the Multi-verse. The Multi-verse is an infinite set of alternate parallel realities. This collection of realities encompasses everything that exists: Energy, Thought, Matter, Space, and Time, as well as the physical constraints and laws that define them. "I have traversed the sea of eternity with its infinite dimensions. Living a thousand life times, but never truly dying. With each lifetime, I continue to re-shape the fabric of reality in its own unique way..." -Jack WhoAmI Jack WhoAmI keeps awakening into different realities, into a different life, with no memory of who he is, who he was, how he got there, or why here’s there in the first place. All he knows, he always wakes in the middle of a crime scene, conspiracy, or some apocalyptic events. Jack must piece together what new life he was woken up to with the clues around him. Before he can fit all the piece together, he is usually being hunted by some powerful convert shadow organization. As usual, somehow Jack is right in the middle of action, holding the key to everything, he just doesn’t know it yet.

Roth Vanguard and The Venomous Vipers #1

Dystopian • Science Fiction • Fantasy • Cyberpunk

January 31st, 1999, a dimensional rift opens at Stonehenge, United Kingdom. A horde of demonic beings enters this plane of existence. This sets an entire series of events into motion, awakening entities and dimensional energies from an age long forgotten, altering the fabric of reality. Most of Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia are devastated. Holy Sites and their secret guardians throughout the world repel the Demon Horde. Guardians appear in such Holy Sites as Vatican City, Mecca, Medina, Varanasi, and others. As the horde advances on the city of Moscow, The Soviet Union reluctantly launches a Nuclear Counter-Strike. Although most of Demonic Horde is destroyed by atomic fire, millions of human lives are also lost in the Nuclear Counter-Strike and millions more world-wide by the Nuclear Fallout that follows. On the Eve of the next Spring Equinox, a mysterious group known as the Druids emerges from the shadows and closes the Dimensional Rift at Stonehenge. These Druids begin the process of restoration in Europe and Central Asia; purging the world of the effects of Demonic Corruption and Nuclear Fallout. Earth’s fragile ecosystem slowly begins to heal. Mythical creatures of legends will return to shape the density of man and be worshiped as gods. Several members of the race of man will shed their human flesh, as their true nature emerges. Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Wolfmen, Orcs, Goblins, and other creatures begin to appear. Historical men of destiny and empires that are believed to be vanquished shall rise again, fueled by new forms of hatred. The year is 2030 and new villainy will breed a new generation of heroes. These are their stories...

Roth Vanguard and The Venomous Vipers #2

Dystopian • Science Fiction • Fantasy • Cyberpunk

General Stonefist of the Sierra Nevada Dwarven Clan is captured by California Reich Special-Forces in a raid at dawn. His Live pay-per-view execution is about to be announced. Governor Hardcastle of the North American Metahuman Alliance assembles Roth Vanguard and his elite team of soldiers of fortune, known as the Venomous Vipers, to rescue General Stonefist. Meanwhile, an extraplanar being known as Gabriel pays a visit to Vanguard. Gabriel who states that Roth is a part of a greater destiny, that could affect the entire multi-verse. Other extraplanar entities arrive on earth and begin to move pieces on the eternal chessboard, which will ultimately determine the fate of mortal man.

Roth Vanguard and The Venomous Vipers #3

Dystopian • Science Fiction • Fantasy • Cyberpunk

Inside the contested zone near the Mojave Desert, between the California and Nevada border, a California military convoy is ambushed by Skull F***er MC. The MC was expected to find weapons and supplies but instead finds the trailers are filled with prisoners who are evidently scheduled for termination. California State News journalist oversees the interrogation of General Stonefist, who captured in a raid by California Military Special Forces. Roth Vanguard, after a mission briefing with Governor Hardcastle, assembles his elite strike team, the Venomous Vipers. He attempts to deliver another classic inspiration speech but he is interrupted by the extraplanar being known as Gabriel.

Roth Vanguard and The Venomous Vipers #4

Dystopian • Science Fiction • Fantasy • Cyberpunk

After a lengthy interrogation session by California Reich Gestapo, General Stonefist™ and his chief of staff, Master Chief Petty Officer Salty Seadog™ are reunited in their hold cell at Rash Limburger Studio in Fortress Los Angeles. Their pay-per-view execution is scheduled for the next day; Stonefist and the Master Chief spend their final moments reminiscing about the old days from the Labor Union uprising in the California Industrial Corridor, to their incarceration in the California prison system, to conscription in the California Military during the 2nd Battle of Los Angles, to their defection to the forming of the North American Metahuman Alliance™. Meanwhile, Roth Vanguard and his Viper Ground team continue to traverse the abandoned subway tunnels that lead to Rash Limburger studio to rescue General Stonefist from his pay-per-view execution on live tv. Enroute back to Alliance headquarters in Los Angeles, Viper Air Team 1 and 2, under command of Chief Warrant Officer Sister Maryann Mcallen™, fall under attack by the daughter of Lucifer Morningstar and demon princess of Hell, Glasycassimolara™. This issue includes the origin of General Stonefist™.


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