Introducing Lody Art Shop

Ted Lody is a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, 3D Artist, Cartographer, Comic Book Artist/Writer, Copywriter, and now T-shirt and poster Designer. The official Lody Art Shop is now live. It sells T-shirts, Posters, Caps, and other merchandise feature artwork by Ted Lody. 

Floor Hosts, Service Breakdown

Lex and Kenny, Strip Club floor hosts extraordinaire…

The adventures of Lex and Kenny, Strip Club floor hosts extraordinaire. They are childhood best friends who grew up together, went to the same school, dated the same group of girls, shared the same hopes and dreams. They are “closet geeks” who collect comic books, watch sci-fi movies, play video games, and table top play role-playing, but it keep all a secret to maintain their industry tough guy facade.

Introducing Adventures of Scandall N Ros

Introducing “Scandall ‘N Ros: League of Poor Life Decisions” Graphic Novel.

Story and Art by Ted Lody, creator of the “Jack WhoAmI” and “Floor Hosts: Service Breakdown” Comic Books.

Official Jack WhoAmI preview videos are now availabe

Official Jack WhoAmI preview videos are now available…

Jack WhoAmI, a traveler of both space and time, wanderer of the Multi-verse. The Multi-verse is an infinite set of alternate parallel realities. This collection of realities encompasses everything that exists: Energy, Thought, Matter, Space, and Time, as well as the physical constraints and laws that define them.

Introducing The Adventure’s of Odie

The Vision Behind the Odie Comic Book

Story by Kyle K. Bowsky, Art by Ted Lody. Published by Odie One Comics

The vision behind “The Adventures of Odie” comic series is to inspire positive and productive change in others; to show them there is a better way, even if they can’t see it. We want to show the kids they are not alone and to remind them that even though the world may seem messed up it doesn't mean they have to be as well.

Lody Art Portfolio Fantasy Art

Mythology has had the strongest influence on fantasy art with several super supernatural, metaphysical, and mythological themes...

In the 20th Century, the influence of fantasy art has can be seen in film, videogames, novels, and magazines. The realm of fantasy art covers several supernatural, metaphysical, and mythological themes.