Introducing The Adventure’s of Odie

The Vision Behind the Odie Comic Book

Story by Kyle K. Bowsky, Art by Ted Lody. Published by Odie One Comics

The vision behind “The Adventures of Odie” comic series is to inspire positive and productive change in others; to show them there is a better way, even if they can’t see it. We want to show the kids they are not alone and to remind them that even though the world may seem messed up it doesn't mean they have to be as well.

Background and Goals of Odie One…

Kyle Bowsky, was Born and raised in Chicago. Kyle also goes by “Odie, the One and Only.” This represents harmony, oneness and selflessness, as we are all one. As a fashion designer since the age of 18, Kyle learned how positive change can begin with something as fundamental as clothing; and the confidence that goes with it. Odie's hat is the most basic expression of this idea.

Living all over the United States, including Atlanta, Indiana, and Vegas, has shown Kyle many different sides to life. In Kyle's short time on this earth, he's experienced various hardships, including being homeless and a victim of child abuse, all of which he utilizes for his motivation to inspire change in the world.

“Being a single parent, I wanted to build a better life for my son. The key to changing the world begins with positive change within us.”

“The goal of my Charity Foundation is to create and leave a positive, productive and everlasting impact on all of humanity. I want to inspire people to live better lives, to learn to help themselves, and love one another; to spread my teaching to others, to let the healing process begin on a physical, mental and spiritual level. This includes suicide and drug abuse prevention, also food and book drives. Later this year I will be launching various give-a-ways including books, clothes, toys, school supplies, and more.”



Bret is 16; he's a young Graphic designer aspiring mechanical engineer whose dream is to be a master at computer engineering. Bret strives to provide for his family so he goes to school and works in hopes of one day making them proud. Bret is really good at trivia and answering random questions about just about any given subject. Bret also has dreams of building a super motorcycle. Bret isn't really popular in school. Bret seems antisocial because he's normally at school, working or studying. Bret’s role is to teach everyone you don't have to be like everyone else to be cool. Bret is young he knows what he wants out of life and what he's willing to sacrifice to get it. Bret is a really smart kid. He also helps Odie build his Motorcycle later on in the series. Bret is forgiving.


Chris, 18, and his brother Mitch are twins. Chris is a troubled teen that has problems at home with his parents. Chris and his brother Mitch turns to the streets to provide for themselves. Chris is Mitch Big Brother. They have an abusive father and their mother is an alcoholic. Chris likes to play sports but doesn't see a future in it so he decides to make fast money in the streets. Chris used to play football until he got injured. Chris’ role is to lead his brother hopefully down the right path. Chris is the muscle. Chris has good intentions although his actions may contradict that. Once Chris gets his head right Mitch will follow after seeing that he looks up to his brother.


Mitch, 18, is a troubled teen as well that deals with problems at home seeing that him and Chris are brothers Mitch likes to play sports as well he follows after his Big brother's footsteps. Mitch really has a go with the flow type attitude. Mitch just wants to be accepted by his brother because he lacking the love from his father and mom. Mitch’s role is to show how important it is that a bigger brother or sibling realizes how important their influence is on their younger siblings. Mitch has a problem overcoming peer pressure he always wants to be accepted by his peers.


Traps (or Los) is 19, is another troubled teen consumed by the violence of the streets and a product of his environment. He was abused and bullied as a Foster Child, falling through the cracks of a broken system. Los is the leader of the pack, with Mitch and Chris following his lead, creating drama and friction whenever and wherever he can. Blaming others for his problems, his violent approach to life is an outward expression of his inner demons; an actual cry for help under the stress of his difficult life. Secretly, Los has a passion for cooking and wants to become a chef, if he could only stop being mad at the world.

The Guardian

The Guardian is a source of guidance and protection. The Guardians main purpose is to protect, and help Odie serve others. The Guardian normally directs Odie towards his destination where he is needed the most, the Guardian is Odie's “Higher Self” in a sense. The Guardian was sent to assist Odie on his mission to influence change in the world. This is when Odie realizes that his purpose is much bigger than he ever thought possible.

Bret’s Parents

Both the parents’ role is to show a happy house hold is possible to achieve even if you have to go through a struggle to obtain it. They also show how important it is to keep the family together and to keep the foundation strong and firm. Bret's Mom name is Maria she is 40. She works at a daycare center. She likes computers she always had a thing for tech. Also she likes to make her son's cloths for him to wear. Maria is very wise and compassionate. Maria also is a painter. Bret’s Dad name is Suede he is 43. He was an electrician before he became a school teacher. He tries to live out his long lost dream through his son. He tries to push him to become all he can be. Suede works on cars in his spare time and also has a hobby for creating inventions. Although sometimes his inventions purpose may not be evident until they are really needed.

Lady is 23

Lady is an aspiring fashion designer,  photographer, furniture and interior designer, and she also 3d Prints toys. Being an old soul, she is the embodiment of empathy and compassion, seeking a greater sense of harmony within herself and the universe. She is one of the major sources of inspiration and motivation behind Odie, helping him to reach even greater heights of spirituality and purpose, while helping others. Together, Odie and Lady combine their talents and brainpower to achieve even more than they could on their own.


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