Introducing Adventures of Scandall N Ros

Introducing “Scandall ‘N Ros: League of Poor Life Decisions” Graphic Novel.

Story and Art by Ted Lody, creator of the “Jack WhoAmI” and “Floor Hosts: Service Breakdown” Comic Books.


“Scandall ‘N Ros: League of Poor Life Decisions” is the story about the life and times of DJ Scandall and DJ Ros Garcia: “Super DJs,” along the pyrotechnic techniques of Raven Red Hands, the Pyromancer.

Summoned by the mysterious Scandall Signal…

Summoned by the mysterious Scandall Signal, they travel from venue to venue, saving that venue (essentially) from itself. Our heroes encounter all kinds of industry personalities, each with their stories; presenting another unique facet of the industry.

DJ Scandall

His passion for music drives his quest to bring the best entertainment experience to each and every venue he encounters. As a Super DJ and Producer, his abilities are above and beyond the normal limits of normal human potential. A modern day bard, he uses music to inspire and motivates the staff and patrons in the venues he saves. It’s Dj Scandall’s crusade to make world a better place, through music, one venue at a time.

DJ Ros

The intellectual one of the group, grounded in reason and logic. His approach to music is with mathematical precision and harmonic perfection, on a super human level, never seen before. DJ Ros can size up any situation in an instant, offer providing multiple solutions to the various problems they encounter at each venue.

Raven Red Hands

The multi-talented maverick of the group, bringing her pyrotechnic techniques, and a sense of awe to any event or venue. Her best know super power is her ability to consume mass qualities of high-grade alcohol and emit intense heat and fire from her finger tips.

DJ Fifty-Dolla

Fifty-Dolla once had a very bright future ahead him, when got started in the industry. He double majored in Broadcasting and Sound Engineering from a prestigious College of the Arts. After graduation, he had a difficult time trying to break into the music industry as either a producer or disc jockey. He was told he didn’t have a “voice for radio” or even an “on-air personality.” Desperate to find work, Fifty-Dolla took any paying gig he could find; mostly paying $50 dollars or less. He was forever labeled a “Fifty Dollar DJ” by his industry peers, never gaining the much needed respect and recognition require to succeed in the business. He was been the resident DJ at the same club for the last decade, never earning more than $50 a night. DJ Fifty-Dolla has resorted to sleeping at club because his his trailer home, down by the river, was repossessed by the finance company. There is a silver lining to DJ Fifty-Dolla self-destructive vices; his true calling and hidden super power will be revealed in his darknest moment in the mostly unlikely of places.

Otto Touch

Otto was a famous producer and club owner from the 1970s, who struggles to stay relevant in the modern night club industry. Being mentally trapped in the 1970s, he believes that everything musical that came after 1979 is “All Disco.” Otto Touch still pays his employees like it’s the 1970s, while sexually harassing his female staff, and micro managing every little detail about his club. Employee theft, sexual harassment lawsuits, and an out-of-date playlists are driving his venue to the verge of bankruptcy. “This looks like a good of Scandall ‘N Ros!”

This is their journey through the dark and twisted underworld of the entertainment industry. Their story is presented with layers of satire and demented humor; shining a “beacon of light” on the vile creatures and industry overlords that lurk within the shadows, exposing their inner most secrets.


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