Introducing Jack WhoAmI

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Jack WhoAmI, a traveler of both space and time, wanderer of the Multi-verse. The Multi-verse is an infinite set of alternate parallel realities. This collection of realities encompasses everything that exists: Energy, Thought, Matter, Space, and Time, as well as the physical constraints and laws that define them.

Living a thousand life times, but never truly dying…

"I have traversed the sea of eternity with its infinite dimensions. Living a thousand life times, but never truly dying. With each lifetime, I continue to re-shape the fabric of reality in its own unique way..." -Jack WhoAmI

Jack always wakes in the middle of a crime scene…

Jack WhoAmI keeps awakening into different realities, into a different life, with no memory of who he is, who he was, how he got there, or why here’s there in the first place. All he knows, he always wakes in the middle of a crime scene, conspiracy, or some apocalyptic events. Jack must piece together what new life he was woken up to with the clues around him. Before he can fit all the piece together, he is usually being hunted by some powerful convert shadow organization. As usual, somehow Jack is right in the middle of action, holding the key to everything, he just doesn’t know it yet.

The “Jack WhoAmI” Comic, created by Ted Lody, is available for download on several comic book publishing platforms:

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