I am creating digital artwork in multiple genres

I want to share my world of creativity...

I am creating digital artwork in multiple genres including Cyber-Punk, Post-Apocalyptic, Super Hero, Fantasy, Dystopian Futuristic, Noir, Horror, and Science Fiction. A series of Comic Books, Graphic Novels, and Comics are currently in production. The Jack WhoAMI and Floor Host Comic Strips NOW LIVE, include concept art, printable posters, and production notes.


Patrons of the Lody Art Patreon page will have early access this content plus concept art, printable posters, and production notes. The “Jack WhoAmI” Comic, created by Ted Lody, is available for download on several comic book publishing platforms. LEARN MORE

Rule sets for a Miniatures Battle Game and Role-playing System are in production…

A variety of digital materials for Role-playing and Miniatures Battle Games are also in production. Rule sets for my Fold-Up Miniatures Battle Game, as well my own original Role-playing System will be available for early release on the Lody Art Patreon page. Several supplements and adventure scenarios will released in the months following the launch of the core rule sets. Printable generic Gaming Templates, Fold-Up Miniatures, Maps, and Dungeon Tiles will be available soon.

New Releases on Lody Art Patreon Page…

The "Jack WhoAmI" Comic Book is now live, available to my patrons, at the Level 3 VIP Access ($3 per month level)

Dungeon and Terrain Tile Collection 1 Includes 19 Large Format High-Res Printable Gaming Tiles 10x10 Inches (3000x3000px) in PDF format. 9x9 Squares. Includes cobblestone roads with grass and water. Great for RPGs and Miniature War Gaming.

Lody Art - Fantasy Poster Art Book -Halfling Adventurer - Book 1 This book features the Halfling adventurer in 24 different poses. This printable art work in this book is great a portrait of your player character in a fantasy RPG, or to this just hang up as poster art.

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Developing new techniques base to perfect the creative process…

Working professionally as a graphic designer and illustrator for over 20 years, I’m constantly looking for new techniques and expanding my knowledge base to perfect my creative process. Previous projects include Posters, Flyers, Banners, Album Covers, Cartography, 3D Illustration, and Book Cover Art and more.

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These Titles Available Now

Jack WhoAmI Comic Book Now Available on ComiXcentral