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Mythology has had the strongest influence on fantasy art with several super supernatural, metaphysical, and mythological themes...

In the 20th Century, the influence of fantasy art has can be seen in film, videogames, novels, and magazines. The realm of fantasy art covers several supernatural, metaphysical, and mythological themes.

Realistic Motivation vs Heroic Motivation

The Heroic Tradition, Realistic Motivation vs Heroic Motivation or What's my Motivation?

The motivational aspect of Role-playing, and the difference between Realistic Motivation vs Heroic Motivation and the effects of Suspension of Disbelief has been a hot topic over the years. Realistic Motivation, Heroic Motivation, and Suspension of Disbelief all play critical roles in characterization.

I am creating digital artwork in multiple genres

I want to share my world of creativity...

I am creating digital artwork in multiple genres including Cyber-Punk, Post-Apocalyptic, Super Hero, Fantasy, Dystopian Futuristic, Noir, Horror, and Science Fiction. A series of Comic Books, Graphic Novels, and Comics are currently in production. The Jack WhoAMI and Floor Host Comic Strips NOW LIVE, include concept art, printable posters, and production notes.

Lody Art Influences  Comic Books

Comic Books have had a profound influence on American culture, as well as Ted Lody

Comic Books have had a profound influence on American culture. For Ted Lody, comic books were easily one of his earliest influences, as well a passion, from the start. Ted Lody started collecting comic books, as a child in 1977. One of his first books he collected was the "Star Wars" comic book, published by Marvel Comics.

Jack WhoAmI Comic Book Now Available For Download

Jack WhoAmI Comic Book is now Available

20 pages of story and art

The “Jack WhoAmI” Comic, created by Ted Lody, is available for download on several comic book publishing platforms:

Introducing Jack WhoAmI

Jack WhoAmI Comic  Book is available Now!


Jack WhoAmI, a traveler of both space and time, wanderer of the Multi-verse. The Multi-verse is an infinite set of alternate parallel realities. This collection of realities encompasses everything that exists: Energy, Thought, Matter, Space, and Time, as well as the physical constraints and laws that define them.