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Lex and Kenny, Strip Club floor hosts extraordinaire…

The adventures of Lex and Kenny, Strip Club floor hosts extraordinaire. They are childhood best friends who grew up together, went

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

“And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and her name that sat on her was Death, and Hell followed with her…”

Mary Jane the Bounty Hunter wanders the Post Apocalyptic Wasteland seeking

Thursday, January 23, 2020

"Vampires have walked among us, dancing on the edge of darkness for millennia. Their ancient society, obscured by shadow..."



Monday, December 24, 2018

Introducing “Scandall ‘N Ros: League of Poor Life Decisions” Graphic Novel.

Story and Art by Ted Lody, creator of the “Jack WhoAmI” and “Floor Hosts: Service Breakdown” Comic


About Lody Art

Ted Lody, a Professional graphic designer and illustrator for over 20 years…

Ted Lody has Worked professionally as a graphic designer and illustrator for more than 20 years. Recently, Lody has published several comic books and graphic novels including ROTH VANGUARD AND THE VENOMOUS VIPERS, THE CHRONICLES OF MARY JANE POST APOCALYPTIC BOUNTY HUNTER, THE ADVENTURES OF SCANDALL ‘N ROS LEAGUE OF POOR LIFE DECISIONS, FLOOR HOSTS SERVICE BREAKDOWN, JACK WHOAMI, THE ADVENTURES OF ODIE ONE, and more.

Lody created hundreds of project design and art projects including Posters, Flyers, Brochures, Banners, Signage, Album Covers, Cartography, 3D Illustration, Book Cover Art, Photo Editing/Touch Up, and more. With Lody Art, he wanted to create a separate brand for his Art Work. You may already be familiar with his already established brand: Lody Graphics. The Lody Art brand allows him to focus on even more creative aspects of his skill set. Ted Lody constantly developing new techniques and increasing his knowledge base, to perfect the creative process.

"I feel the most alive when I’m being creative, my imagination fuels my passion. Join me on this wonderful journey of creativity." - TED LODY

The Chronicles of Mary Jane Post Post Apocalyptic Bounty Hunter

A Post Apocalyptic Graphic Novel, written by DG with artwork by Ted Lody, set in the ruins of Chicago and the surrounding areas

Mary Jane the Bounty Hunter wanders the Post Apocalyptic Wasteland seeking Justice, Vengeance, and Retribution. She was born into a world that was re-forged by atomic fire.No one remembers how or why judgment day started, only the remnants of earth’s lost civilizations can be found in its scorched ruins. In the decades that followed, mankind slowly began to rebuild and repopulated through an unforgiving wasteland, craving new civilizations upon the ruins of the old world. With civilization, came the rule of law, and those who enforce the law. There will always be those who operate outside the law, and those who believe they are above the law; these are who Mary Jane brings to justice.

Mary Jane the Bounty Hunter and her Psionic side-kick Siobhan Harlan are tracking an evasive bounty by the name of Hendricks. Siobhan using her Psionic power to narrow down Hendricks’ location at the Freehold of Folly; along the old Chicago Skyway, near the Illinois/Indiana border. After gaining entry to the Freehold of Folly, Mary Jane and Siobhan soon discover the settlement is controlled by a vicious clown raider road crew, who have a stranglehold on the trade routes in the area. After an exhaustive search and shaking-down the locales, Mary Jane finally locates Hendricks’ hideout but finds more than they bargained for.

Roth Vanguard and The Venomous Vipers Origins Part 1

A story 25 years in the making, A Graphic Novel combining elements of Dystopian Futurism, Cyberpunk, and Fantasy. Story and Art by Ted Lody.

In This alternate reality, The United States suffers a series of devastating and demoralizing defeats during the Cold War. North Korea annexes the south and Korean unifies the entire peninsula at the end of a bloody war. The United States alone suffers 265,000 causalities before withdrawing from the conflict. United Nations signs an armistice in 1954. After 13 days of an intense standoff with Cuba and the Soviet Union in 1962, the United States withdraws its naval blockade of the island nation. This allows Russian ships to unload additional nuclear ordinance and over 350,000 troops; shifting the balance power in the Caribbean and Latina America. The United States Enters the Vietnam War in 1964. This conflict results in an even greater defeat for the US, with over 475,000 causalities. An armistice is signed in 1969 ending the war. A unified Vietnam annexes Cambodia, Laos, Burma, and Thailand. After the end of the Vietnam War, the US economy enters into a series of long-lasting recessions, fast approaching post-1929 levels, with Unemployment steady above 11%. After Vietnam, the budget for the Department of Defense is cut drastically. Hundreds of foreign US bases are closed. The United States officially withdraws from NATO is 1978; unable to keep its commitments to its allies. Vietnam consolidates nearly all the opium production in Southeast Asia by 1971, creating a virtual monopoly by 1980.

In the mid-1960s there is a spike in illicit narcotic use in the US. By 1970, one out of six Americans will become chronic drug addicts. Among these new addicts are servicemen returning from Vietnam. Latina American and Asian Drug Cartels grow in power and influence with more efficient growth, production, and distribution techniques. By 1980 one out of five Americans will become addicted, one out of four by 1990. Many unemployed Americans affected by the ongoing economic climate turn to crime to support their drug habits. President Richard Nixon is assassinated in 1970, before sighing The Controlled Substances Act. The Nixon administration was planning to create a new government agency: The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA.) The Controlled Substances Act would allow the government to lawfully and systematically target and incarcerate select groups of the population. These select groups who receive harsher sentences from the courts. By 1980 several Latin American countries are directly and openly controlled by Drug Cartels. These Cartels gain the support of the people by reinvesting drug profits back into their economics and improve local infrastructure. Most of these countries enjoy free health care, free education, and free public housing. Columbia nationalizes its Cocaine industry in 1977, the same year Pablo Escobar is elected President. Columbia’s GDP in 1985 passes France and Great Britain.

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Introducing “Scandall ‘N Ros: League of Poor Life Decisions” Graphic Novel.

Introducing “Scandall ‘N Ros: League of Poor Life Decisions” Graphic Novel.Story and Art by Ted Lody, creator of the “Jack WhoAmI” and “Floor Hosts: Service Breakdown” Comic Books. “Scandall ‘N Ros: League of Poor Life Decisions” is the story about the life and times of DJ Scandall and DJ Ros Garcia: “Super DJs,” along the pyrotechnic techniques of Raven Red Hands, the Pyromancer. Summoned by the mysterious Scandall Signal, they travel from venue to venue, saving that venue (essentially) from itself. Our heroes encounter all kinds of industry personalities, each with their stories; presenting another unique facet of the industry.

DJ Scandall

His passion for music drives his quest to bring the best entertainment experience to each and every venue he encounters. As a Super DJ and Producer, his abilities are above and beyond the normal limits of normal human potential. A modern day bard, he uses music to inspire and motivates the staff and patrons in the venues he saves. It’s Dj Scandall’s crusade to make world a better place, through music, one venue at a time.

DJ Ros

The intellectual one of the group, grounded in reason and logic. His approach to music is with mathematical precision and harmonic perfection, on a super human level, never seen before. DJ Ros can size up any situation in an instant, offer providing multiple solutions to the various problems they encounter at each venue.

Vamp Nation from Outer Space

Vamp Nation from Outer Space

"Vampires have walked among us, dancing on the edge of darkness for millennia. Their ancient society, obscured by shadow, constantly manipulating the fate of mortals to advance their own agenda. For millennia Vampire Hunters have kept the balance between darkness and light, locked in an eternal struggle against denizens of shadow, who prey on the mortal world."

"My name is Hunter Lee, I am A Vampire Hunter. A Shadow Dancer with death, taking back the night from the beast, who would consume us all..."

The original concept for VAMP NATION FROM OUTER SPACE™ was developed in 1994 by Ted Lody, Bellen Lee, Art Chin, and further developed later in 1995 with Jason Dyjak. The original story was eventually published as a part of an anthology series called LETTERBOX COMICS PRESENTS™ in 1996. In the anthology, the early version of the story was called VAMPIRE NATION: VAMPIRE SUBWAY™. Two other stories also appeared in LETTERBOX COMICS PRESENTS™. SMILEY FACE INC, story and art by Kevin Mackey; and HEAVEN AND HELL: THE GATHERING™, story by Bellen Lee and art by Ted Lody. Part of HEAVEN AND HELL: THE GATHERING™ would go on to later be developed as a recurring storyline in ROTH VANGUARD AND VENOMOUS VIPERS™ Graphic Novel, with story and art by Ted Lody.

COVID-19 Information

Lody Art has taken a number of actions to protect the health and of our creative partners and colleagues to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in accordance with the CDC and local public health authorities; as we navigate this on-going situation, our proactive commitment to our fans and customers that we entertainment with our digital and physical products.