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Host Floor Comic Strip is now live...

The adventures of Lex and Kenny, Strip Club floor hosts extraordinaire, now available on the LODY ART Patreon page They are childhood best friends who grew up together, went to the same school, dated the same group of girls, shared the same hopes and dreams. They are “closet geeks” who collect comic books, watch sci-fi movies, play video games, and table top play role-playing, but it keep all a secret to maintain their industry tough guy facade. They don't care about sports, partying, or socializing with any industry people outside of work. When Lex and Ken aren't bitching about their jobs at the strip club, they find themselves debating comic books, classic 80s action movies, and MMO lore.

The Adventures of Scandall 'N Ros Graphic Novel coming soon.
Story and Art by Ted Lody, creator of the “Jack WhoAmI” and “Floor Hosts: Service Breakdown” Comic Books. “Scandall ‘N Ros: League of Poor Life Decisions” is the story about the life and times of DJ Scandall and DJ Ros Garcia: “Super DJs,” along the pyrotechnic techniques of Raven Red Hands, the Pyromancer. Summoned by the mysterious Scandall Signal… Summoned by the mysterious Scandall Signal, they travel from venue to venue, saving that venue (essentially) from itself. Our heroes encounter all kinds of industry personalities, each with their stories; presenting another unique facet of the industry.

About Lody Art

Ted Lody, a Professional graphic designer and illustrator for over 20 years…

Ted Lody has Worked professionally as a graphic designer and illustrator for more that 20 years. I’ve created hundreds of project design and art projects including: Posters, Flyers, Brochures, Banners, Signage, Album Covers, Cartography, 3D Illustration, Book Cover Art, Photo Editing/Touch Up, and more.

With Lody Art, I wanted to create a separate brand for my Art Work. You may already be familiar with my already established brand: Lody Graphics. The Lody Art brand allows me to focus on an even more creative aspect of my skill set. I’m constantly developing new techniques and increasing my knowledge base, to perfect the creative process.

Lody Art on Patreon…

Now I offer that same professional level of creativity and passion that I bring to Lody Graphics to all my patrons, on the Lody Art Patreon page. What is Patreon? It's a membership platform that allows creators to get paid by doing what they do best, create art! By supporting the Art Lody patron page, you help to fund future art projects.

Active Patrons receive will special discounts for my Graphic Design Services at LODYGRAPHICS.COM

Jack WhoAmI Comic Book is now live..

The Jack WhoAmI Comic Book is now live on the LODY ART Patreon page I also have several other digital Graphic Novels and Comic Strips in production with a variety of related content will be available to my patrons in the near future. Genres include Fantasy, Science Fiction, Dystopian, Classic Super-Hero, Noir, and Horror.

Miniature Battle Game and Original RPG in production

I am currently developing a rule sets for a Miniatures Battle Game, and my own original Role Playing Game System. Shortly after launch of rules sets, several rules supplements, battle scenarios, and adventures modules will be released. To go along with my Miniatures Battle Game and RPG rule sets, a variety of printable generic gaming maps, dungeon tiles, fold up miniatures, and gaming templates will released, usable for any game system. imagination fuels my passion

I fell the most alive when I’m being creative, my imagination fuels my passion. Join me on this wonderful journey of creativity.